The mission of Power Forward is to end the stigma of opioid addiction by
creating mainstream outreach programs that provide high risk communities with
impactful opioid prevention messages and offering resources for families and
individuals that are currently being affected by the disease.


Kevin Stevens, founder of Power Forward and host of Crosscheck Substance Abuse Radio was an NHL all-star great who struggled with addiction for over 2 decades. This includes his first time trying drugs, and how he has been rebuilding his life one day at a time since he entered sobriety.

Through his Power Forward initiative, Kevin plans to reach as many cities and towns that are current “hot spots” for opioid abuse and through his story, try to help stop this epidemic, most especially with our youth.

We believe that these educational resources and messages of hope will resonate
among high-risk groups in each designated area where Power Forward’s efforts
are focused.