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Susan Kippen, an author, teacher, and holistic healing practioner of 29 years, is the owner of South Shore Natural Healing in Marshfield, MA. Her abilities as a Truth Seer have allowed her to experience the multi-layered complexity of the mental/emotional patterns in others. Over the years, she has developed a unique holistic therapeutic approach that combines: Empathic Therapy,Polarity Therapy, Hypnosis, Shamanic Healing, Reiki, Cellular Memory Clearing, and teaching. During therapy sessions with clients, she utilizes combined techniques to bring guidance, change, and wholeness on physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual levels. This specialized therapy has proven to be effective with a great number of clients. Susan’s professional goal is to assist individuals in seeing the truth within themselves, and to be unafraid of their internal experience, so that they can grow and flourish in the celebration of life.

Peter F.  Boyce

 A graduate of the United States Department of Justice Drug Enforcement Administration Presentations and Skill Course. He is the General Counsel for the National Narcotics Officers Association Coalition (NNOAC) and the National Drug Enforcement Officer’s Association,Inc./NDEOA. In addition to his seminar presentations related to undercover police work, he has made key-note addresses to the Arizona Narcotics Association, the Oregon Narcotics Association, the Minnesota Narcotics Association, the Kentucky Sheriff Association, the Vancouver Canada Police Department and the Maui Police Department. He has spoken to state Sheriff’s Associations and to State Drug Enforcement Associations, as well as made presentations to many other groups on police ethics, supervisory liability, street survival and undercover work.

Clint Malarchuk

Clint Malarchuk is a retired Canadian professional ice hockey goaltender who played in the National Hockey League between 1981 and 1992. In 1989 he was involved in an extreme injury while playing goaltender for Buffalo where his jugular vein was slashed by the skate of another player. Malarchuk nearly died that day, but remarkably returned to playing just 10 days later. He became a legend in Buffalo because of his toughness and determination to continue but his mental health and personal life suffered as he struggled with PTSD, depression, and addiction. Despite the dark times, Clint has come out on the other side and is now a big advocate and does public speaking about his battles with mental health and addiction. Find out more about his work at www.malarchuk.com

Gary Mendell

Gary Mendell is the Chairman of HEI Hotels & Resorts, and Founder & CEO of  Shatterproof. Shatterproof is a national nonprofit organization dedicated to ending the devastation addiction causes families.

Theo Fleury

Theo played over 1,000 games in the NHL from 1989 to 2003. He also represented Canada twice in the olympics and won a gold medal. Fleury has written a best selling book “Playing with Fire” that details his struggle with drug and alcohol addiction. Fleury now talks candidly about his struggle with addiction and how he got through it.